DMX - Holiday Music Channels Promotion

We had the task of creating a TV promotion for a radio station.

As always, first we did a whole lot of research. We were going for something that must feel like it is authentic South African. It needed a Christmas feel because it was for the summer holidays in South Africa. And it needed to be warm and cosy, a thing that is a bit of a contradiction because these holidays usually mean that your face melts because of the heat in South Africa.

The first concept was to do it an interior of a house.


When we got to the style boards it was getting increasingly difficult to make it exciting. The neon images we had just didn’t want to work with the interior scenes.

style boards v01.jpg

But then we decided to rather go for exterior scenes, and I wanted to do it at night, so we can have lots of neon in there, and it would be easier to make it feel South African. Some light beams coming down as if the music is infecting the city would be excellent to have in this:

They really liked this, and I came up with some style boards:

ideas for changes.jpg

By the time we got to the final storyboards it looked like this:


When we got to production, everything was exactly clear, and which shots we will be using.

Have a look at the final result here:

Henk Coetzee