National Geographic - Supercats

National Geographic - Supercats

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Monarchy got me in as a freelance 3D artist to work on their National Geographic project. They were explaining all the best elements of the various felines, and then combining them to create a SuperCat. The Lynx’s eyes (voice over is forever burned into my brain – of a lady who does not sound particularly interested in what she is saying), the cheetah’s legs, spine…

There was tons and tons of research that went into this, and lots of trial and error.


I was tasked with a few shots:

Back legs of the cheetah, showing how the tibula and fibula is fused to provide more stability at high speeds,

The cheetah’s spine,

Lungs and heart

Showing how the lynx’s eye has a much bigger cornea and the lenses are more warped to see better at night,

A reverse explosion of the logo, also in the same x-ray/wireframe combination we use for all the technical explanations.

These also had to line up with real life footage shots, so had to be matched to the camera angles of the animals.

Here are some work in progress shots:

Thank you!

Henk Coetzee